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Open Daily: 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 a.m. 12414 US RT 150. Oakwood, IL 61858 217-442-3696
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Bar - Pub

Full Bar | Free Wi-fi | Open Daily 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 a.m.

Full bar / Top shelf available

Enjoy a few drinks or beverages with friends & family at the Exit 210 Saloon in Oakwood, Illinois. We have a great selection of beverages including Top-Shelf Liquor for shots or mixed drinks. Ask our bartenders for your special drink or have them mix up something new for you to try.

WE CARD HARD! Must be 21+ for alcohol or liquor purchases

Domestic & Import Beers

We carry a large variety of domestic and import beers for you to choose. Look forward to having your usual beer or mixing it up and trying something new. Choose from an Ice-cold bottles or cans.

The Exit 210 Saloon is Temporarily Closed due to major damage from a fire that broke out Saturday morning in our dry storage area.

The entire building fell victim to smoke damage and a section of the building will need to be rebuilt. We plan to open the Gaming room and Bar area after the cleaning process has been completed. Surprisingly our kitchen was not damaged by the fire but the smoke and water did take its toll on it. So our kitchen will be open shortly after everything else.

We have a lot of GREAT employees at The Exit 210 that we depend on every day. We can’t forget that they depend on us as their livelihood. They are all offering to help us with the clean up process so we intend to keep them on the payroll for that. However, it will only be a couple days before we will need to turn the cleaning over to the Professionals. This means our family of employees could be facing little to no income for a while. We have had a lot of people ask if they can help or donate to the 210 in some way, so if you feel like helping out then please help our employees.

We have over 30 employees at the 210. Some full time, some part time, but that’s still an average of $11,000 a week and we obviously won’t be able to continue to pay them out of our pocket. They can’t survive without some kind of income and if we can’t provide that, then they will have no choice but to work somewhere else. Help is almost impossible to find so we cannot lose these special people! These are the people that stuck by our side through every single day of covid last year, cooking and delivering food to our community. They have all came to work every day because we believe in them and they believe in us!

100% of all the funds will be paid to our employees as they help us put the pieces back together at the 210.

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